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The Difference an Identity Management System in Healthcare Makes

July 18, 2019

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An Identity management system in healthcare can be a powerful tool that makes the working day of staff easier, more secure and more convenient. Healthcare is not an easy service to work in, so anything, like identity management, that can make the working day of staff easier should be most welcome.

The Difference an Identity Management System in Healthcare Can Make

Identity management for healthcare catering

The best place to implement an identity management system in healthcare is in the canteen. Working at a hospital can mean long hours. It’s important that staff get a healthy hot meal during their shift.

The last thing they need or want is for catering services to be slow and cumbersome. Identity management allows for a cashless catering solution to be implemented. In this scenario, an online account is topped up by staff easily. This can be done online at home or on the go or at kiosks installed on site. The funds in the online account can then be used to pay for meals. Staff simply have to confirm their identity by using any of the authentication methods BioStore offers, fingerprint biometrics, smartcards or PINs.

Coins and cash can also be a major source of harmful bacteria. There is no knowing what each coin and pound note has collected on its surfaces as it passes through hands in its life cycle. How often do you clean your money? One study by the Metropolitan University found 19 different types of harmful bacteria thriving on different denominations of money. Limiting their use in healthcare is a sensible approach.

BioStore’s Identity Management Solution

An identity management system in healthcare can be easily integrated with minimal disruption, and can be used for so much more around an organisation. Healthcare organisations could use it for access control, user-rights, computer login, print and copy, staff lockers and much more. It can also be integrated into vending machines as part of the cashless catering solution.

Learn more about our cost-effective Identity Management Solution that controls who has access to what across a healthcare organisation.

London Metropolitan University: Cash contains potentially life-threatening bacteria, new tests find

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