Survey Shows Third of People Have Had Office Lunch Stolen

December 5, 2017

A study from Australia has shown that the practice of office lunch stealing is more common than you might think. In fact, a third of people have had their lunch stolen at work at some point during their working life.


Thieves among us

There’s not much more that would annoy me at work than having my lunch stolen. But the survey from Primo Smallgoods showed there is a pretty high chance of it happening. Not only have one third of people experienced it, but 37 per cent of the respondents admitted having taken a co-worker’s lunch in the past. Perhaps worst of all, 13 per cent admitted they would be tempted simply because their co-worker’s lunch looks better than theirs.

It’s not a good situation for moral, and I struggle to understand why it’s a practice that is any way permitted or excused. You’re not just stealing someone else’s lunch, your stealing the money they spent on it and you’re wasting the time they spent making it.

The best alternative

I’m not sure what can be done to stop people taking your lunch without having to waste time trying to catch them in the act. Perhaps you could leave a dummy lunch, with your real one hidden elsewhere. Or you could leave them something particularly nasty that’s disguised as a delicious delicacy. It of course shouldn’t be coming to that in an office environment though really.

An office lunch catering service is the best solution. If workplaces can create catering environments on-site that are convenient and attractive to use for employees, they can gain a whole host of benefits.

Instead of moral being damaged by thieving co-workers, a relaxed catering environment with good food can foster strong working relationships. If you use a cashless system too, you can keep the catering environment running smoothly and efficiently – allowing even employees very short on time, to use the service.

Really, with a strong catering proposition, you get the best out of your workers. They are well-fed, energised, and having something to look forward to mid-day. I know the thought a good lunch gets me through most mornings – what else is there to think about?

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