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Doing More with Smart Card Access Control

November 29, 2018

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Smart card access control is a brilliant way to easily and securely control the coming and going of employees in an office. Such systems really shine when they are further integrated into an office though. What’s the advantage of smart cards and what else can they be used for?

Doing More with Smart Card Access Control

How smart card access control works

A smart card access control system lets employees simply scan a personalised card to gain access to the office and to leave it. This system is very simple for employees, all they need to remember is a smart card to get into work. The benefit of using an identity management system like this for access control is that attendance is automatically registered and monitored in the workplace.

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Take smart card access control to another level

Smart card access control is a popular choice for offices because of the convenience it provides. Offices can amplify that convenience by letting employees use the same smart card authentication further around the office.

The smart card is a way to implement an identity management solution essentially – so any other application or process in the office that could benefit from the authentication of identity could be integrated to use the same system.

In that way, the smart card now doesn’t only allow access to the building, but allows computer log-in, authenticates printing jobs or even replaces cash for catering services.

A cashless catering solution for an office canteen and vending machines could allow payments to be withdrawn from an online account that is tied to the identity management solution and smart cards. Instead of paying cash or waiting for payment cards to connect at a cashier, an office lunch is just paid for with a quick scan of the same smart card used for everything else around the office.

A smart card access control system can do a lot more than just provide secure access at the start of the day. In fact, with that same smart card always at hand, employees can gain access to everything they need throughout the day.

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