Singapore Airport Latest to add Biometrics

August 7, 2017

The new T4 terminal at Changi airport in Singapore will become the latest to start offering biometrics to passengers. The airport plans to introduce facial recognition services that will allow passengers to go from check-in to boarding without ever talking to a security officer.


Sixth busiest airport in the world

The new terminal is set to open this year and expand the airport’s annual capacity by 16 million. As the sixth busiest airport in the world, Singapore’s Changi airport could do with the expansion. But with the new terminal, it is aiming to not just increase capacity but improve the travel experience and keep up with developing trends around the world.

We’ve seen a lot of examples of western airports and airlines starting to introduce biometric options for travellers – this will be the first airport in Asia to introduce facial recognition according to the airport. Poh Li San, vice president of Changi Airport Group’s TD project, said:

“One of the objectives for T4 was to use it as a test bed for new concepts, new technology and new equipment.”

Delivering a smooth experience

The new terminal will allow passengers to complete check-in, bag-drop, immigration and boarding, all by simply using self-service facial recognition. It has the potential to make what can be quite an arduous ordeal, incredibly hassle-free and simple, providing it works. The airport hopes that the implementation of such automation will reduce the manpower needed to run the airport smoothly by 20 per cent.

The terminal is not coming at a cheap price. The expansion is set to cost more than £500m in total, but is a vital expansion as the airport currently runs at close to capacity. The implementation of biometrics will hopefully ensure the endeavour is a success.

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Reuters: Say cheese! New Singapore air terminal automates departures with face recognition

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