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Sierra Leone Implements Identity Management Scheme for Welfare Benefits

January 8, 2019

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An identity management scheme using biometrics is what government officials have turned to in Sierra Leone to manage welfare benefits. It’s a growing trend around the world and particularly on the African continent. A biometric approach to welfare distribution can ensure the people entitled to benefits receive them.

Sierra Leone Implements Identity Management Scheme for Welfare Benefits

Biometric identity management scheme

The identity management scheme is going to be primarily for the distribution of welfare benefits for pensioners. Through a fingerprint and facial recognition systems, pensioners will be able to claim and receive their benefits. Currently the system suffers from fraud, with older generations perhaps being taken advantage of by some.

Acting General for the National Social Security and Insurance Trust of Sierra Leone, Mr Mans Jr said the implementation of such a system will save the government hundreds of millions of Leones. He said:

“The objective of this system is the efficient identity management of members of the scheme, and the prevention of identity fraud with the use of a widely approved biometric identification mechanism”.

Fingerprints will be the primary form of biometric recognition, and facial recognition will be used as a secondary verification.

We’ve seen this approach to welfare distribution in India and South Africa in the past, as countries look for ways to make sure their welfare benefits go where they are supposed to go and help who they are meant to help.

BioStore’s identity management scheme

An identity management scheme is clearly the way to go if you want to ensure people are who they say they are. That secure and reliable verification of identity is an important tool far beyond governmental welfare needs. It’s something all organisations could benefit from if they wish to create strong and secure physical working premises and online networks.

Here at BioStore, we let organisations integrate biometric identity management into their operations. It’s the best way to bring oversight, accountability and convenience to workers. You ensure only those approved access areas, data and services they are allowed to. And you allow them to do it with nothing more than a fingerprint. Find out more how biometrics can help companies manage operations better, not just countries.

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