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Seven Benefits of Biometric Systems in Healthcare

July 24, 2018

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Biometric systems in healthcare do exactly what healthcare technological solutions need to do. They are secure and private, the most important thing for healthcare, but they are also fast and easy-to-use, helping to keep wasted time to a minimum. Here are seven key benefits of biometrics in a healthcare environment.

Seven Benefits of Biometric Systems in Healthcare

1. Site Security

When staff sign in to work using biometrics, or sensitive areas are locked off by biometric fingerprint scanners, hospital and health centres can maintain the security of their premises. It ensures, only approved individuals are in approved areas. When you use biometrics, there are not stolen smartcards or phished passwords.

2. Employee Convenience

For hospitals or healthcare centres, biometrics ensure their security, but for actual staff, the benefit they will notice each and everyday is that all they need to get around their working environment is their fingerprint. It’s great for them, as they can never forget to bring it to work, lose it or have it stolen from them.

3. Efficient unified solutions

Another benefit for staff is that multiple systems can be integrated into the biometric solution. That means the same biometric authentication that grants them access to work could be used for computer sign-in, cashless catering and more. One authentication for so many services creates a unified simple work environment.

4. Track shift hours

One aspect of a biometric system that benefits both employer and staff is the reliable tracking of shift hours. There can be no disputes on hours worked when presence is tracked by biometrics, which guarantees proper pay can be recorded.

5. Patient identification

BioStore provides biometrics in a way that makes operations smoother for healthcare providers and their employees. But biometrics could also be used in interesting ways directly affecting patients. If patients were identified using biometrics the chance of mix ups could be greatly reduced.

6. Patient confidentiality

Biometric scanning could also control access to patient’s confidential healthcare information. This would help ensure the all-important doctor patient confidentiality. Only approved doctors and healthcare staff would be able to access their information after a successful scan.

7. Future proof with biometric systems in healthcare

Biometric systems in healthcare are only a matter of time away. They have a chance to improve healthcare directly with patients, but they can also just help healthcare organisations run their operations much more smoothly, just like they can all other types of organisations.

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