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The Safest Way to Implement Pull me Printing

July 31, 2019

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Follow user printing has become the most popular way to implement shared printing solutions in today’s organisations. But by adding a biometric element, you can enhance the system and make it the most secure, as well as the most convenient, approach.

The Safest Way to Implement Follow user Printing

Biometric pull-printing printing

Follow user printing lets you authorise and collect your printing at a time that is most convenient for you, and at a printer that is free, easy to access or has the right features. It streamlines the printing process and stops the printer tray getting clogged up with a number of documents. There is no confusion regarding who owns which print job with pull-printing printing.

With BioStore integration, you can make the authority to trigger your print job a simple biometric fingerprint scan. There are a couple of advantages to this approach: Firstly, it improves the convenience of the solution – you don’t need to remember a code or your smartcard to start printing, you just need your fingerprint. It’s something you can’t lose or forget. Choose your printer, scan your finger, and collect your printing job.

What gives this a real advantage over other methods, however, is its unrivalled security. If your printing sensitive information, using your fingerprint to authenticate the work means you can be certain you are the only person who can get their hands on the document. No one can steal your biometric like they can pick up a smartcard left on a desk, or copy a PIN number.

More than printing

BioStore’s biometric pull-printing printing solution forms just part of an overall Identity Management system.

A simple biometric fingerprint scan can be used by organisations to do so much more to make the working day so much easier and safer.

Using a fingerprint scan, employees could gain access to the building at the start of the day securely and could then use the biometric to log-on to their computers as well as access files. Cashless catering and vending machines can be paid for using a biometric, and on-site lockers could be accessed on a first come first served basis with no keys to lose. Schools too can use biometrics for registration, payments and equipment access.

Basically, anything that requires authentication, authorisation, or registration can be integrated into BioStore’s system. This helps create simplicity throughout the day, with only one secure authentication required. From start to finish, employees have exactly what they need right at hand. Find out more.

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