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Reverse Vending the Future of Cashless Vending Solutions

June 5, 2018

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Cashless vending solutions are helping to keep vending machines relevant and prospering in a world where cash is becoming less common. New innovations are keeping the technology relevant and with the latest development, eco-friendly.

Reverse vending the future of Cashless Vending Solutions

Reverse cashless vending solutions?

Two supermarkets, the Co-op and Iceland have invested in cashless vending machine solution recently. Okay – technically they might not be vending machines, but reverse vending machines.

Iceland has installed the machines at some of its stores around the country. They allow shoppers to return empty plastic bottles. Customers feed the bottles into the machine and receive a voucher to be spent in the store as payment. A vending machine that pays you – now that’s my kind of machine.

The Co-op is launching a similar trial to be installed at music festivals around the country this summer. Attendees of the Download, Leicestershire, Latitude, Suffolk, Reading and Leeds festivals should all have access to the vending machines that encourages recycling and likewise, rewards people with vouchers to be spent in Co-op.

BioStore’s cashless vending solutions

Here at BioStore, our cashless vending solutions are not in reverse just yet. No, our way of helping organisations innovate and improve vending is to allow organisations to make vending machine payments without cash.

See, we are experts in providing cashless catering solutions to workplaces, schools and organisations. But we know not everyone has time everyday to get a proper meal, and that sometimes a quick trip to the vending machine is handy.

However, if organisations have invested in making the workplace free of cash, it’s counter-productive to have a vending machine in the corridor still only accepting change. That’s why we have developed cashless vending machines, but also the ability to retro-fit old vending machines with cashless payments. Staff simply use a scan of a fingerprint, a smartcard or a password to make a payment from their online catering account. It’s the same authentication for the vending machine that they use for everything else in the office, making it an incredibly convenient solution.

We help vending machines stay relevant by keeping up with the cashless trend, but it’s interesting to see organisations keeping them relevant by heading in reverse.

Evening Standard: Iceland introduces reverse vending machine that pays customers to recycle plastic bottles

BioStore Cashless Vending

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