Report Predicts Behavioural Biometrics to Replace Passwords

January 10, 2018

The researcher Gartner is predicting that behavioural biometrics will be a huge part of what helps eradicate the use of passwords on smartphones. The report suggests on-device AI will become increasingly important in the next five years.


Behavioural biometrics potential

Gartner’s report believes that on-device AI technology will lead to powerful behavioural biometric systems. Smartphones will be able to learn the patterns, intricacies and nuances of each individual’s behaviour on their phone. It would analyse and track every way in which you access and use your phone, from what apps you use and when, to how you hold and touch the device. It said:

The concept of a ‘digital me’ is predicted to become a major selling point for smartphones according to the researcher. It predicts that by 2022, 80 per cent of smartphones will have AI solutions as part of their repertoire.

Improving security

It’s in the world of security that Gartner believes AI based behavioural biometrics will have their biggest success. Combined with an actual physical biometric, like a fingerprint, behavioural biometrics would provide a very strong alternative to passwords. Gartner said:

“Password-based, simple authentication is becoming too complex and less effective, resulting in weak security, poor user experience, and a high cost of ownership. Security technology combined with machine learning, biometrics and user behaviour will improve usability and self-service capabilities.”

Essentially, your phone should be able to tell it’s you just by how you use it, how hard you touch and swipe, what apps you frequent and when, and more. If it has reason to suspect it’s not you, it could challenge you with a biometric scan.

Off-device security

Behavioural biometrics certainly seem to have potential, but if they are best used on devices that you use frequently, their use-case might well be limited to just personal devices. When you need security of a building, lockers, or in a workplace, biometric scans still provide the quickest, most secure and convenient solution. That’s the approach we take for organisations – giving them and their employees the best protection.

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