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Removing the Hassle of Passwords for Computer Logon

March 14, 2016

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Our solutions are all about removing hassle in people lives. Whether it’s students in a school, employees at an office or healthcare professionals in a hospital – we look to provide a centralised Identity Management solution that is simple, convenient and speedy across multiple applications. One of these applications is Computer logon to remove the hassle of passwords. This makes logon more secure, and is a quick & simple way to authenticate users at any computer workstation.


Password nightmare

You don’t need me to tell you that passwords have become a bit of a nightmare in modern life. They have long outlived their welcome, and have become an incredibly convoluted and cumbersome way of proving your identity and logging into services. Nobody enjoys having to come up with a new unique and complicated password every time they sign up for a new service.

Here at BioStore, we can at least remove that hassle when it comes to Computer Logon, whether at a school or place of work. Instead of yet another password, we offer the ability to use a smartcard, biometric or PIN for computer access – whichever is most convenient and suitable for the organisation.

Computer Logon is achieved with a simple scan if using biometrics or a smartcard. With a biometric in particular, it is incredibly easy to use; mainly because you can’t forget to bring it with you – it’s always at your fingertips, so to speak.


The real power of a BioStore solution lies in the fact that the same authentication used for Computer Logon, can be used with many other systems around a school or workplace.

In schools for example, students could use the same scan – biometric or smartcard – to access cashless catering services at lunch or break times. In a university, students’ printing jobs could be authenticated using the same biometric or smartcard. While in an office, the means of logon could also be the authentication needed to access the building or any other restricted area – such as a server room.

Essentially, BioStore provides extremely secure access control solutions, to a wide range of services, all wrapped up in a convenient and easy system for the users. In a work place like a hospital, such a combination of simplicity and security would be invaluable. Biometric authentication ensures patient-doctor confidentiality, and also provides a speedy means of access to important information.

Removing the hassle of passwords

Life at school or work can be filled with little hassles. We can’t ensure you will get a parking space when you arrive at work. There’s no way we can make sure your co-workers don’t steal your food from the office fridge. And there’s nothing we can do about double science last thing on a Friday afternoon. There are some hassles that you just have to live with – but forgetting passwords does not need to be one of them any longer with BioStore’s simple password-free Computer Logon.

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