The Quick Way to Improve Office Working Life

April 20, 2017

Organisations naturally strive to make their place of work enjoyable and productive environments. One way they can attempt to achieve that, is by removing user frustrations and adopting solutions that genuinely make life easier for their staff. But how can that best be achieved in an office?


One united solution

We believe that providing employees with a unified authentication tool across a place of work is one way to quickly improve office life. By a unified authentication tool, we mean, let an employee use the same authentication to access everything and anything they need throughout their working day.

Staff can use the same authentication to get into the building (perhaps even the car park), to log-on to their computer, go to the office gym (if you’re so lucky), use vending machines, collect their printing, order and even pay for their office catering – the list isn’t endless, but I think you get the point: there are many other possibilities for authentication solutions around the office.

That requires a robust, simple-to-use and easy to integrate Identity Management system – and that, of course, is our area of expertise at BioStore. But what form of authentication should organisations use?

Office implants

One Swedish company has lately been touting the idea of microchips injected under the skin, not too dissimilar to the kind used on pets to help locate and identify them. Head of BioHax, Jason Osterlund told Recode, the idea is to turn:

“the internet of things into the internet of us”

It’s a clever little idea, and works much the same way that the NFC tech in your contactless cards do. A wave of the hand is all you need to use compatible solutions around the office.

Would you be willing to be injected with a microchip to use around your office? I’m sure some would enjoy the idea of becoming a mini cyborg, but others might be squeamish about the insertion and removal of the chip.

BioStore flexibility

Here at BioStore, we offer flexible integrated solutions with a number of options. We can provide a wide range of Identity Management systems that can either use biometric technology, smartcards, PINs or passwords, or any combination of these options for an added layer of security. We provide what is most suitable and appropriate for each organisation we support.

But in truth, we are particularly fond of our biometric options. They make authentication so incredibly quick and simple, and also provide really strong security. Best of all, users can’t ever forget to bring them into the office or lose them on the bus. Also, no more getting halfway to work and then heading back to your car or home for the smartcard you left behind. Our flexibility enables us to accommodate any workers who would want to opt out of a biometric solution too.

You can’t guarantee that your employees will always come in to an office full of glee and eagerness to work, but with BioStore’s Identity Management solutions, you can guarantee that they come into an office that is easy to use and frustration free.

Recode: The next evolution in office working could be employees getting implanted with a microchip

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