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The Biometric Approach to Print Management Solutions
The Biometric Approach to Print Management Solutions

July 31, 2018

Print management solutions are an important part of an office’s operations, even in this ever-growing digital environment. When organisations opt for a biometric approach, they create a print management solution that is secure and easy-to-use for...

Why Your Office Needs Pull-printing Printing Solutions

March 27, 2018

Follow user printing solutions can be an integral part of creating a secure and efficient office. We spend much of our time focused on creating strong and secure digital solutions for our data – but the security vulnerabilities present in the printing tray should not be ove...

Why Your Office Needs a Biometric Printing Solution

November 14, 2017

Incorporating fingerprint biometrics in to your office printing solution is an amazing way to bring your office printing solution into the 21st century. It’s a solution that is simple to integrate and incredibly easy to use – but improves office printing massively. Printing becomes more secure, less wasteful...

Secure Printing Being Overlooked

June 28, 2016

While companies are beginning to wise up to the cyber security threats they all face today, there is mounting evidence that secure printing is being overlooked. All over the globe, organisations of all sizes are seemingly reviewing or beefing up their...

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