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A Print Management Solution That Meets Your Needs

April 4, 2019

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A print management solution is still a must in all kinds of offices, for all sizes of organisations. Of course, more and more of our work is done digitally these days, but that doesn’t mean the printing solution in your office organisation doesn’t require attention, especially when it comes to security.

A Print Management Solution That Meets Your Needs

Biometric Print Management Solution

Here at BioStore, our approach to a print management solution is to use biometrics. Let’s explain exactly how that works:

Biometrics can be an extremely strong authenticator in a pull-printing printing process. When you have a file to print, you send it into the printing queue. With pull-printing solutions, your printing job does not just automatically fire to the closest printer or one on the other side of the building for that matter.

instead, your printing job will wait for when it is convenient for you to collect it at the printer itself. You can obviously head to the closest printer immediately to activate your print quickly, or you can pick it up at a time convenient to you.

You scan your fingerprint at the printer, and your printing job or jobs begin. This let’s you pick your printing jobs up when convenient for you, maybe as you are passing the printer for lunch for example, rather than your printing job sitting in a printer tray.

Convenience without compromising security

It’s super convenient way to implement a print management solution. You get your printing fast when you need it and all you need is your fingerprint, perhaps what your office uses for other applications like access control, computer login or cashless catering.

But most importantly, it upgrades the security of printing solutions. Sensitive information is not just immediately dumped into a printing tray once you hit print. You have to be there to collect your print. For your-eyes-only documents, that kind of security can be invaluable. And as it is a biometric that authenticates pick-up, it’s extremely secure. Someone might steal a smartcard or learn a password or PIN. They are going to have a lot harder time trying to steal your fingerprint…

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