Prepare for the Future with Cashless Vending Machines

March 13, 2018

Cashless vending machines are a long-term investment that can prepare your office for the future. But around the world, the innovation of vending machines is often in what they sell. Could these examples also give us a glimpse of what’s in store for vending in the UK?

Prepare for the Future with Cashless Vending Machines

Are cashless vending machines the future of vending machines?

Cashless vending machines are how we see vending machines developing in the future here at BioStore, but a recent article by CNN, showed just how differently vending machines are seen and used around the world. All kinds of unexpected items are sold using vending technology in Europe and Asia.

Let’s start with something simple. In Germany, there are vending machines for farm produce items, like sausages, milk, butter and bread. That is one we have actually seen in isolated cases here in the UK.

Selling food from vending machines, okay, that makes sense and is relatable. But what about entire 10-inch pizzas served hot, or sandwiches that are warmed up by two hot-plates just before service? Both of theses can be found in Singapore. Or on the other end of the spectrum – vending machines exist that serve fresh salads where you choose your individual ingredients and simply mix them up at the end. That could be a great way to encourage more healthy eating in the office for sure.

There is also a whole café in Singapore that does away with waiting staff and a kitchen entirely. A room full of vending machines and a seating area are all that is needed. Customers pick their frozen meal and it is prepared in a microwave before being dispensed to customers.

It’s not just food though – in Singapore all kinds of products can be bought from vending machines, like books, or the extreme example we have seen before, supercars. Vending technology is even used to provide services in some cases, like laundry. You deposit your laundry, and a day later, you can pick up your freshly washed and ironed clothes.

Closer to home, there are examples of interesting and different uses of vending machines too. Take Nottingham for example, where vending machines for the homeless have been introduced. The Action Hunger organisations hands out special cards to people they think could be in need, and then up to three items a day can be retrieved from the machine, including food and other basic essentials.

BioStore’s cashless vending machines

Here at BioStore, we don’t presume to know what you use your vending machines for in your organisation. But we do know that our idea of innovation for vending machines, is to improve how people use them, not what they sell. Identity Management and Cashless Catering is at the heart of what we provide to organisations. Using that technology, we can integrate and deliver cashless vending machines to organisations.

What that means for organisations and their employees is, they don’t need to bring change to work to grab a drink or snack from a vending machine. All they need is the authentication they are already using to get into the office or pay for lunchtime catering. A biometric authentication, smartcard or password is enough to use the vending machines.

BioStore can either provide brand new cashless vending machines, or retro-fit existing ones to accept cashless payments.

For us, it’s not what you sell, but how you sell it, that will really create vending machines that are future-proof and valuable to your workplace in the long-run.

CNN: Rise of the (vending) machines: Singapore takes convenience to next level

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