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One Powerful Way to Become an Eco-Friendly Office

June 11, 2019

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There is one simple way you can become a more eco-friendly office. With a proper catering solution, you can help turn the tide against plastic waste.

One Powerful Way to Become an Eco-Friendly Office

Reduce plastic waste

It’s estimated that UK employees spend about £13.6 billion on on-the-go lunches each year. These meal deal lunches and takeaways come with a huge amount of packaging. They often involve plastic, some of which can not be recycled.

The study by charity Hubbub estimated that UK workers lunch habits result in 10.7 billion items of packaging waste each year.

Across industries and the Government, the effort to reduce the amount of plastic we use is growing. The Government has committed to banning plastic straws, stirrers and cotton buds by 2022, as single-use plastics are a big problem. They contribute to climate change, damage the environment and often wildlife, taking hundreds of years to decompose.

Cashless canteen for an eco-friendly office

A simple way to tackle the problem and create an eco-friendly office is in-house catering. That could be by completely introducing a new canteen or improving the attractiveness of a current service. If you can make the office canteen more convenient and valuable option, you are on the right track. Healthy food, an open and relaxing environment and the opportunity to socialize with colleagues can all be appealing.

A cashless catering solution that lets employees pay for meals using the same authentication they use for other things like accessing the office or logging onto their computer would be a particularly strong approach. An office canteen can be very popular if employees can pre-pay for meals using an online account, and then simply use a biometric, smartcard or PIN to authenticate the transaction. Users also have the ability to enable Auto-top up to ensure their account never runs out of funds.

Employee loyalty points and discounts can be part of the system, creating an office canteen that is the optimum choice. By providing an attractive office canteen, you can contribute to reduced packaging waste and plastic.

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