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The Potential of Biometrics in Hospitals

December 4, 2018

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Biometrics in hospitals can transform the hospital experience for both patients and staff. They have the potential to enhance security and convenience in equal measure for both. It’s no wonder reports predict the market in the US alone will reach $5.8 billion by 2019. What exactly can biometrics in healthcare help do?

The Potential of Biometrics in Hospitals

Biometrics in hospitals for patients

Biometrics in healthcare could be used to help with secure patient identification. There would be no mix up or errors if patients were identified by a biometric. It would ensure the correct medical histories are pulled up, and therefore, the correct treatment is delivered to patients.

Biometrics could also provide patients with strong confidentiality Doctors and nurses could only gain access to the data of the patient once undergoing a biometric scan. This ensures only those approved can look at a patient’s medical records, ensuring privacy for patients. It protects doctor patient confidentiality, but also helps protect from cyber criminals and accidental data leaks.

Biometrics in hospitals for staff

Biometrics in hospitals could help improve the delivery of healthcare, but they could also just be used to improve the workflow and day-to-day routine of staff.

Biometrics could be used in an identity management system that is integrated into multiple services and applications staff have to use. For example, a fingerprint biometric scan could be staff’s quick way of signing in and out of work reliably. This would be an invaluable way of creating an accurate record of working hours for a start, vital for overtime pay.

The same fingerprint scan could grant access to restricted areas, be used for computer log-in and file access. It could further be used for the collection of print jobs, ensuring when private information is printed off, it’s not left sitting in a printer tray until collected.

It could even be integrated into the hospital catering service, allowing staff to pay for meals without the need to bring cash or payment cards to work. Payments would be automatically withdrawn from an account instead.

From the start of a shift right through to the end, all hospital staff could use their fingerprint to simply get around the hospital accessing all the service and applications they need. That means multiple passwords or PINs don’t need to be remembered.

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