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Physical Access Control with Biometrics

November 15, 2018

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Physical access control solutions are needed by every office. Much of our work might be online these days and controlling access to networks and data is incredibly important, but organisations should not overlook the security of physical premises.

Physical Access Control with Biometrics

Physical access control alternatives

The traditional way to do physical access control would have been lock and key but of course, most organisations have long moved beyond that. Apart from locksmiths maybe. Anyway, organisations these days use a number of different ways to control who can access their place of work. Here at BioStore, we offer an identity management system that can use all kinds of smartcards for example to control access. The smartcard acts as employees’ keys to the office, with a simple scan gaining them access. The other method used by many is PINs and passwords – which our identity management system can accommodate too.

For some, such approaches offer the right level of security and convenience, but they can have their drawbacks.

Biometrics best for physical access control

We believe physical access control is at its best when it’s using biometrics, or a combination of biometrics and smartcards or PINs for even greater security. Biometric fingerprints work with our identity management system and have a variety of advantages. For a start, no one can lose their biometric like they might misplace a smartcard. They can’t forget it either like they might a password. That makes it an incredibly convenient option for employees. Their authentication is literally always to hand.

The security is improved too however. No one can have their physical access control authentication stolen from them and used by someone else. It’s theirs to use and theirs alone. Biometric are the best approach to access control because they have the best balance of security and convenience.

With a system like ours however, you can take things much further. The same biometric can be used for all kinds of authentication around the office – whether that be computer sign-in, cashless catering, printing verification and more. Once you start incorporating the identity management solution into multiple applications around the office, you deliver something that employees really appreciate, because their working day is cut of admin and made super simple. Find out more.

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