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Patients Want Healthcare Biometrics

October 16, 2018

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Healthcare biometrics, according to a new survey by Pew Research, would be welcomed by 70 per cent of patients in America. Biometrics would help identify individuals quickly and reliably, ensuring the right medical records can be found and importantly, the right treatment delivered.

Patients Want Healthcare Biometrics

Why healthcare biometrics?

Healthcare biometrics would help improve efficiency and interoperability in hospitals the research has suggested. It would allow hospitals and health centres to match patients with the right records far quicker and with certainty. That’s why it’s so appealing to patients, who would be happy to use fingerprints or facial recognition to achieve this in overwhelming numbers.

Consumers’ familiarity with biometrics on their smartphones is helping to shift such attitudes. The prevalence of biometrics in smartphones regularly demonstrates the power of biometrics to more people than ever before. Pew said:

“Participants were asked about different forms of unique identifiers, including smart cards and usernames, and overwhelmingly supported the use of biometrics as the identifier.”

It did note however that to make a success of such systems, a level of standardisation across the industry would likely be required and also the option of alternatives to biometrics, like a smartcard, would always need to be provided alongside to accommodate those who have reservations about using biometric methods for one reason or another.

Healthcare biometrics for staff

Healthcare biometrics could be a great success in patient facing solutions, but they could also form parts of solutions that make staff life more efficient, easier and securer. With solutions like BioStore’s, biometrics could be used to control access to computer systems and files. It could also be used to control access to physical locations and off-limit areas of the hospital.

More than that though, it could control access to services like catering, allowing staff to pay for meals with nothing more than a quick fingerprint scan. There’s no end really to the integration possibilities of BioStore’s systems. Any process that could benefit from secure and convenient authentication of identity could likely be integrated, ensuring only those approved can carry out certain actions and access certain areas and data.

Find out more about BioStore’s identity management solutions.

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