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The Best Way to Approach Access Control

November 11, 2015

What kind of access control would you prefer? Passwords and PINs or a microchip implanted in your hand? Would you prefer a solution that is convenient, or a solution that is extremely secure? Or maybe you hark for the days of a good old traditional lock ...

A Day in the Life of a BioStore Leisure Centre

October 28, 2015

Leisure centres should be just that: leisurely. They shouldn’t be a pain to use and they shouldn’t throw up barriers that get in the way of the patrons. And that’s where BioStore comes in. We help create a leisure centre that is a simple to use facility for...

Is Simplicity the Answer to Password Security

September 30, 2015

You need strong password security. That’s the message we hear over and over again. Passwords need to be longer and they need to be complex. Don’t you dare think about choosing a password without at least one capital, a number or a special character. If you want a...

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