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Canadians Most Comfortable with Fingerprint Biometrics

January 17, 2018

A Visa-backed survey has shown Canadian consumers are comfortable and happy using and exploring biometrics. It’s the second study in recent weeks from Visa showing western consumers’ openness to biometric tech. Fingerprint biometrics lead the way Just like in...

Men More Likely to Use Weakest Password

December 20, 2017

News flash! News flash! Men are a bit silly sometimes. Okay maybe not the hardest hitting of breaking news, but a new survey has shown that men are almost three times as likely to use ‘password’ as their password than women. Come ...

MPs Reveal Password Sharing Habit

December 12, 2017

Some MPs have courted controversy after revealing they are in the habit of sharing their password with all their staff, including interns. It’s a bad example for MPs to set. Surely there is a better way to handle the situation? What...

More Than 3 Billion People to Use Biometrics by 2022

May 9, 2017

Biometrics are as big as they have ever been, but they have far from reached their peak potential and penetration according to a number of recent reports. The consensus is that there is plenty of room for growth and a real opportunity for biometrics to enter the mai...

All Ages Ready to Bin Passwords
All Ages Ready to Bin Passwords

April 6, 2017

Passwords have been a point of frustration for people for a long time now. They have become increasingly more cumbersome and difficult to use, especially as the demand for unique complicated passwords has grown. And on top of that, by themselves, they are not even doing a very...

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