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Passwords Out as Demand for Strong Authentication Systems Grow

April 26, 2018

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The need for strong authentication systems is leading web alliances to advocate for the end of passwords and adoption of alternative log-in methods. The FIDO alliance and World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) recently agreed on new standards for web authentication that aim to eradicate phishing attacks.

Passwords Out as Demand for Strong Authentication systems grows

Strong authentication systems needed

The FIDO Alliance and W3C, both organisations with backing from major online players, aims to introduce strong authentication systems to the online world. They have reached an agreement on the next specifications for their recommended web authentication and will aim to spread their API across the web through their partners. Brett McDowell, executive director of the FIDO Alliance said:

“With the new FIDO2 specifications and leading web browser support announced today, we are taking a big step forward towards making FIDO Authentication ubiquitous across all platforms and devices. After years of increasingly severe data breaches and password credential theft, now is the time for service providers to end their dependency on vulnerable passwords and one-time-passcodes and adopt phishing-resistant FIDO Authentication for all websites and applications.”

Google, Microsoft and Mozilla have all committed to supporting the new web authentication. It seeks to let websites rely on more than passwords and two-factor authentication by using identifiers for log-in that can’t be phished. It would involve the use of biometrics, or devices like your mobile phone or a dedicated USB device, to prove identity.

The idea is to remove things that can be phished over the web or over the phone, like a password, from the standard authentication process. Hacks from remote locations would become far harder to carry out for cyber criminals.

BioStore’s approach to strong authentication systems

BioStore is an advocate and provider of strong authentication systems for organisations internally, because it’s not just online that security needs improving. And for too long, passwords used on their own, in all kinds of environments have proved to be a security risk.

We instead allow organisations to use fingerprint biometrics to gain access to their workplace and much more, like access catering or log-on to their computers. Organisations can use authentication best suited to their needs, whether that’s a smartcard, biometric, password or a combination of methods to create a two-factor (or more) authentication solutions for additional security.

We are a big fan of the biometric fingerprint option here at BioStore, because of the security and convenience it provides in tandem to both the organisation and its employees. They don’t have to remember anything to use their biometric and it can’t be stolen the same way a password or smartcard can.

The FIDO alliance is moving away from passwords, and we think offices and workplaces should do the same. Find out more about how you can make your organisation a securer and more convenient place for employees.

W3C: FIDO Alliance and W3C Achieve Major Standards Milestone in Global Effort Towards Simpler, Stronger Authentication on the Web

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