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Password Weakness Shows Need for Alternatives

December 27, 2018

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Password weakness is nothing new. But as the years go on, the death of the password has still not happened. Every year it remains a common weakness that is exposed in hacks. At this point they are not keeping either organisations or their users safe.

Password Weakness Shows Need for Alternatives

Password Weakness exposed

Password weakness was particularly exposed last week by Dashlane in a blog post that rounded up 10 of the most high-profile poor password uses of the last year. It highlighted the fantastically secure password from Kanye West of: ‘000000’. Not only was his password ridiculously simple, he manged to get himself caught entering it while at the White House.

Other high-profile password mishaps included the United States Government Accountability Office cracking Pentagon passwords in just nine seconds, weak corporate email and passwords in the UK law industry, and even White House staff writing down passwords on stationary they then left at a bus stop.

These poor password uses should not be excused. But it needs to be recognised that passwords themselves have become unmanageable to a degree. Perfect password security is almost a full-time job. Dashlane estimates that the average person has 200 digital accounts that require passwords, and they predict that will grow to 400 in the next five years.

Strong biometric instead of password weakness

It’s no surprise password managers are growing in popularity, trying to minimise password weakness. But here at BioStore, when it comes to the password employees might need around the office, to gain access to the building, to log-on to computers and more, we believe the best solution is to just drop passwords all together. Take the burden away from employees to remember yet another password, or even PIN, and instead let them enter the office with nothing more than their fingerprint.

The fingerprint biometric approach is easier, simpler and frankly, far more secure than passwords. Passwords once in the past made sense. But they simply don’t anymore. They are outdated and a security risk at this point. The sheer volume of them you need has made them insecure. That’s why we let employees of an office say goodbye to passwords, and hello to simple fingerprint biometrics for identity management.

DashLane: Kanye West Tops Dashlane’s List of 2018’s “Worst Password Offenders”

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