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Password Computer Logon Going Out of Style?

May 24, 2018

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Slowly but surely, we are seeing the end to password computer logon. Passwords have been the main way we authenticate ourselves and logon to so many devices and online services for a long time now. However, the security risk they pose has become too much, and things are starting to change.

Password Computer Logon Going Out of Style

Password computer logon ending

The age of password computer logon is coming to an end it would seem. Mozilla Firefox is the first of the major web browsers to activate the WebAuthn services in its latest update. And we can expect Chrome and Microsoft Edge to do the same in the latter stages of this year, and adopt the FIDO alliance approved approach.

WebAuthn will allow browsers and online services to do away with traditional passwords for logon. Instead they will use other forms of authentication that cannot be phished in the same way as passwords. They will use biometrics or secure USB dongles to provide an alternative authentication method. You only have to look at the amount of news stories that break each and every month centred on leaked and hacked passwords to see why the change is coming. Just this month, 336 million users of Twitter were recommended to change their passwords because theirs might have been exposed.

Passwords are not only becoming tricky for services and organisations to provide in a secure way, for a long time they have been cumbersome and clunky for users too. Managing so many different complex and long passwords is a bit of a nightmare. Current methods just promote poor practices and weak passwords – secure logon shouldn’t be that hard.

BioStore’s answer to password computer logon

It’s not just online services that require good security, hence why initial password computer logon needs changing too. If it’s easy to logon to your computer locally, say at work, then sensitive information on your computer could be at risk.

Here at BioStore, we allow organisations to take advantage of our identity management system and use biometrics for logon to work computers. With a scanner attached to the computer, workers merely have to scan their fingerprint to logon and unlock their computer. This guarantees files and documents on the computer are for the owner’s eyes only and ensures security.

And with a biometric instead of password, they won’t ever forget it and they can’t have it phished or stolen from them. Only they can use it.

CSO: Firefox adopts WebAuth, the first step to killing off passwords

BioStore Computer Logon

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