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Why Organisations Need Stronger Cyber Security Now

January 30, 2018

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According to the head of the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), it’s a matter of ‘when, not if’ the UK will be the target of a major cyber attack on infrastructure. The threat of potential attacks and approaching General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) means the need for strong data control and protection has never been greater.


NCSC warnings

Ciaran Martin is the head of the NCSC, and speaking to The Guardian, he said the UK had been fortunate to have so far avoided what he called a category one cyber-attack in the last ten years. He warned that many other countries, such as the US and much of Europe have had to deal with attacks aimed at critical infrastructure. That has so far been avoided in the UK, but it’s only a matter of time according to Mr Martin. He said:

“I think it is a matter of when, not if and we will be fortunate to come to the end of the decade without having to trigger a category one attack.”

He revealed that the NCSC had recorded 34 category two attacks such as WannaCry, and 762 less serious category three attacks in 2017.

GDPR coming fast

The possibility of attacks against UK organisations, business and infrastructure is on the up, and at the same time, EU-wide GDPR rules are fast approaching. These laws will put greater requirements on organisations, whether commercial or public, to better protect the data of their customers.

Despite Brexit, the UK will go ahead with the same laws the rest of Europe is introducing. With the new rules coming in to force in May, just a few short months away, it’s time organisations started preparing.

Cyber security needed now more than ever

This double combination of increased threats, and greater regulation, means that now more than ever, it is time for UK organisations to get their cyber security in order. More than anything, they need strong and secure ways to protect and control their data.

Here at BioStore, our GDPR-compliant cloud backup and recovery solution gives organisations exactly that control. Whether you’re a large or small business, a school, or university – our solution gives you the tools to deal with the cyber security demands you face.

The Guardian: Major cyber-attack on UK a matter of ‘when, not if’ – security chief

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