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Why Your Office Needs Strong Visitor Management

November 21, 2017

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For organisations, Visitor Management is an important solution in the everyday running of their workplace. You need a solution that doesn’t compromise the security of the workplace, but at the same time, accommodates potential visitors, whether they be freelancers, potential customers, or prospective working partners.


Why Strong Visitor Management is needed?

Organisations need strong Visitor Management to properly protect their place of work, employees and their data. It’s obvious to say, but it’s not good business practice to allow just anyone and everyone access to your workplace. It’s not good for creating a safe work place for employees or for the protection of important work documents. Schools in particular need strong ways of vetting who is on their sites at all times.

It’s not just the safety of your employees that is secured and vital in a strong Visitor Management Solution, but the safety of the visitor themselves too. It’s always good practice to have a record of who is and who isn’t at a workplace at any given time. It’s extremely useful in the case of an emergency. When visitors are properly recorded and tracked on the system, you can ensure their safety too, just like you would for your employees.

How to implement a strong Visitor Management Solution

Here at BioStore, we help organisations build Access Control systems that are based in Identity Management. That makes it easy and convenient for employees to arrive and get around the workplace – all they need is their biometric fingerprint, smartcard or password to gain access to the parts of the building/rooms they are permitted to.

With such a smooth system in place, you want Visitor Management that easily integrates into the system. Here at BioStore, we have quick system using a self-sign-in kiosk for visitors. That way they can quickly be vetted and integrated into the workplace’s Identity Management. A temporary smart card is distributed to the visitor that you can customise the provisions for. You can control what areas the card grants access too and catering options.

A visitor allowance might also be granted for catering – or perhaps the organisation would allow the visitor to quickly and simply load money on to the card from a self-service kiosk or cash loader. Any money not spent at the end of the visitor’s stay will be automatically refunded.

BioStore Visitor Management lets guest quickly get up and running in your secure systems on a temporary basis. The last thing you want potential business partners to be is a hassle when they visit. Our Visitor Management lets you be a gracious host, without compromising security.

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