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Why Offices Need Cashless Payment Vending Machines

September 25, 2018

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Cashless payment vending machines are the way to make the office vending machine relevant again. In many organisations, they are redundant, underused and are simply just taking up space. By updating vending machines, offices can make them relevant and valuable to employees again.

Why Your Office Should have Cashless Payment Vending Machines

Why it’s time for cashless payment vending machines?

Cashless payment vending machines are needed because the current state of many office vending machines is simply unappealing. First and foremost, they too often house unhealthy snacks which damage efforts to create healthy workspaces.

But the bigger problem than what they sell, is how they sell. We are ever edging closer to becoming a cashless society. With mobile payments and contactless credit and debit cards, the use of cash and change is starting to dwindle. It can mean that people don’t even really have the change on them to use cash vending machines like they regularly used to.

It is unlikely employees will remember, or be inclined, to stock up on cash before they come to work just so they can use an office vending machine that distributes unhealthy snacks. And don’t even get us started on the number of machines that seem to just have a problem with your change, constantly spitting coins back out.

BioStore’s integrated cashless payment vending machines

Cashless payment vending machines that are integrated into the overall office catering solution is how we like to tackle this problem here at BioStore. Using identity management and an online account that can easily be topped up, we make payments for office meals from the canteen, or indeed from vending machines, incredibly simple.

Offices can use an identity management system that relies on passwords, PINs, smartcards or, most effectively, biometrics. When you let users identify themselves and authenticate payments using just biometrics, like a fingerprint, you make the use of catering services so convenient and secure.

Instead of having to remember to bring cash to the office, all employees need is their fingerprint to use vending machines. Hopefully offices will start to follow trends and stock their vending machine with healthier options too.

If you do that, you create a really simple and effective way for employees to get a quick snack to perk up their energy levels. Cashless payment vending machines can help that redundant and underused machine hiding in the corner become a valuable addition to the office once again.

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