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Office Access Control Types – What’s best?

January 4, 2019

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What’s the best access control type to go for in an office environment? Here’s three ways in which you could control employees’ access to areas, services and applications in an office. Is one a standout option?

3 Office Access Control Types – What’s best?

Access control types

One of the access control types employees would be most familiar with is passwords and PINs. They are a simple method for employees to understand, something they would have encountered many times. Passwords and Pins are a low cost and straightforward approach. Over the years though they have been a method that has started to show weaknesses. They can too often be guessed, stolen and compromised.

The more popular method that has emerged is the smartcard approach to access control. With a smartcard, employees’ unique card just has to be scanned on a sensor to allow them access to the office. It requires no passwords or PINs to be remembered at all. It’s quick and easy. The only issue is when smartcards are lost, they require replacements which naturally cost time and resources. And it is possible for someone to steal an employee’s card and use it themselves.

Biometrics have emerged as a method many go for in the last ten or fifteen years, and one we are big fans of here at BioStore with our fingerprint approach. They provide even more convenience than Pins or smartcards, but at the same time eliminate the security risk the other methods bring with them. You can’t lose or have a biometric fingerprint stolen from you. You and you alone can use your unique access control authenticator when it’s a fingerprint.

Unified access control types

We support all three kinds of access control types here at BioStore. We work with our clients to understand which type is best for them and their needs.

Regardless of the type of access control organizations go for though, we believe they work best when they are part of a unified identity management system that does more than just allow access to the office. When employees can use the same authenticator to log onto their computer, pay for office catering, approve printing jobs and more, that’s when regardless of the access control type, offices make powerful and convenient solutions for their employees. Using the same identity management for a host of services and applications is what really makes the working day easy. Find out more.

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