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Why Offer a Cashless Vending Solution?

October 30, 2018

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New cashless vending solutions can take that old underused machine in the corner of your office and make it an attractive and useful option for workers once again. A cashless vending solution takes what is now outdated, twists it, and makes it new again – a trend happening around the world with vending machines.

Why Offer a Cashless Vending Solution

Pizza cashless vending solution

A cashless vending solution is just one of the ways vending machines are being updated to make them a success again. In Japan for example, vending machines thrive – and that’s because they are used to sell everything and anything. It’s not just cans of soda and packets of crisps. All kinds of food, collectibles, equipment, and items are sold without the need for human interaction.

In the west, the expansion of what vending machines sell and do is expanding too. In America for example, a number of locations are taking inspiration from Japan and now have vending machines for pizzas. There’s one at Xavier University in Cincinnati and one University of Rochester in New York that serves up a pizza in just three minutes.

University halls seem a good place to try out pizza vending machines – but you can try updating your office vending machines in a different way when you opt for a cashless vending solution.

BioStore cashless vending solution

With your cashless vending solution in an office, you might steer away from pizza, but you can get employees using the office vending machine by both updating its interface and what it sells. Employees use a vending machine when their short on time and it’s a convenient option.

A cashless vending solution, that instead of accepting cash, lets employees scan a fingerprint, smartcard or enter a PIN, is much easier to use. People less frequently have cash on them as contactless payments grow – so much – that remembering to bring some change on the off chance you want to use the vending machine is a chore. A cashless vending solution removes that headache. If your office has a cashless catering solution, the vending machines can easily be integrated, allowing employees easy use.

When the vending machine is updated with a cashless vending solution, it’s now just up to an office to fill it with what they think will best serve their employees. It might not be pizzas, but healthier options that keep office energy levels up and don’t encourage unhealthy snacking on chocolate bars and soda, so easily done by those in a rush.

A cashless vending solution can teach an old vending machine new tricks, making it a worthwhile addition to the office again.

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BioStore Cashless Vending

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