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New £1 Not Accepted by Bank of England’s Own Gym Lockers

May 4, 2017

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The new pound coin has been in circulation for more than a month now. Organisations across the country have had plenty of time to prepare and adapt, none more so than the Bank of England itself, you would think. But the gym lockers at the Bank of England’s sports centre in south west London are yet to support the new £1 coin.


Old coins only

Gym members at the luxurious sports centre have been greeted with a sign informing them to only use the old £1 coin in the gym’s lockers. And you would have thought that the Bank’s sports centre would have more warning than most about the incoming change. What’s more, they now only have until October to sort before the old £1 coin will no longer be legal tender.

The new £1 coin has been billed as the most advanced and secure coin ever produced. It has a plethora of design features to prevent fraud. It has 12 sides, alternating milled edges, a holographic image and one security feature not openly disclosed.

Organisations across the country have been busy at work updating vending machines, shopping trolleys, parking meters and all sorts of devices to accept the new coin. They have been doing this because, you see, the Bank of England gave everyone fair warning last year…

Longer-term solution

I’m sure this will just be a short-term problem for the Bank’s staff using the lockers at the Bank’s own sport centre in Roehampton. Maybe the Bank doesn’t like the idea of a cashless society but a longer-term solution, and one that we think works very well in gyms, are lockers that are integrated into a wider identity management solution.

When gym-goers can use the same card, PIN, or even biometric authentication they use to access the sports centre or gym itself for other services – such as the lockers, the vending machines or catering services – it can make the gym incredibly easy to use. A biometric solution is particularly appealing because it removes the need for a membership card that could be forgotten, or a locker key that could get lost. And at the same time, biometrics help increase the security of a gym, with only those authorised able to gain access.

And of course, once you implement a smart card or biometric solution, it doesn’t matter how often some remote authority, or even your own employer, decides to change the national currency.

The Telegraph: Bank of England’s staff gym lockers not accepting new £1 coins

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