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Need for Multi-Factor Authentication Solutions Growing

March 8, 2018

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For organisations who take their security seriously, on-site and online, multi-factor authentication solutions are becoming a must. When businesses only use passwords for security and identification, they are leaving themselves exposed.

Need for Multi-Factor Authentication Solutions Growing

Why organisations need multi-factor authentication solutions?

Multi-factor authentication solutions are needed because passwords alone are not enough anymore. It’s not that passwords are inherently bad, but our over reliance and overuse of them has led to weaker and weaker security practices.

The sheer number of passwords people need to remember, results in them creating easy to remember and therefore weak passwords. The problem is only exasperated when they are required to change their unique password regularly. That kind of policy doesn’t encourage the creation of strong password but instead acts as an inconvenience for users.

One survey, by the website ‘The new Economy’, interviewed 600 UK based businesses and found that only 37 percent of employees check their passwords against common password lists and 39 percent of organisations didn’t even require employees to use special characters.

Passwords are no longer enough for those who want to implement good security, and even if they were, not enough people implement them properly anymore.

Multi-factor authentication solutions with single sign-on

Multi-factor authentication solutions are the answer. And here at BioStore, rather than one-time use codes, we see biometrics or smartcards as the additional support to passwords. With a biometric in particular, you give users something incredibly unique: themselves. Additionally, it’s something they can never lose. It adds extra security to the password, without becoming inconvenient. You always have your biometric on you at all times.

To improve passwords themselves, the new school of thought is to encourage passphrases more than passwords. It’s the length and randomness of a password that really gives it its strength. Too often people insert punctuation and numbers into their passwords in predictable ways. For example, the password of ‘Elephant’ becomes ‘E13phant!’.

Whereas, if your password was four random words together, such as ‘ElephantTrafficDelightTicket’, you create a much longer password but still only have four things to remember, rather than something tricky, like where you put substitute letters or symbols in a much shorter and weaker password.

The other thing for organisations to do, and what we do here at BioStore, is give users just one single authentication for everything they need around the office. If the same authentication can be used to get into the office, log-on to computing, manage printing, and access catering, users are inclined to use the stronger authentication. Because they don’t need six or seven different strong passwords, which can become unmanageable, they are more likely to create that one strong authentication they can use for everything throughout the office day.

BioStore’s Identity Management is all about making organisations daily routine easier, more convenient and more secure, and through multi-factor authentication solutions, we achieve that.

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