Mobile Biometric Payments on the Up in Australia

November 30, 2017

Around the world, biometrics are becoming an increasingly popular solution. In Australia for example, a Deloitte survey has demonstrated just how popular biometric mobile payments are increasing in use.


Mobile payments up

The Media Consumer Survey 2017 showed a 14 per cent increase in the use of mobile biometric payments in the last year. A quarter of the people surveyed are in fact using mobile biometric payments now.

Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay are the main methods in which mobile biometric payments are made. Instead of entering card details every time online, or scanning a card in a store, people are able to use their phone to make payments through biometric authentication.

The use of mobile payment techniques is quite high when you consider that only ANZ, one of the big four Australian banks, has adopted and embraced such payment methods. When more of the major banks in Australia allow such transaction, we should see the numbers grow further.

In a separate Deloitte survey, it found that seven out of 10 retailers expect sales this Christmas to be higher than last year. Perhaps, the ease of mobile payments is helping in-store retail compete with online.

More comfortable using biometrics

Australians are clearly becoming more comfortable with the security and convenience biometrics can provide to solutions. In fact, if you just look at the use of biometrics for authenticating the unlock of a phone, the increase in use was even larger. The percentage of people using biometrics for phone unlock increased even more than mobile payments, by 35 per cent.

It’s not surprising that early in the year, we witnessed Visa announce its plans to further extend biometric use in the Australian market.

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Planet Biometrics: Australians ramp up biometric mobile payments

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