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Millennials Pushing for Biometrics

February 6, 2018

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An IBM study has given insight into the global demand for biometric technology. In particular, millennials (20 to 36 in age) displayed a strong distaste for passwords and a high willingness to use biometrics.


Overall global biometric demand

The IBM study surveyed nearly 4,000 adults across the globe. Of those surveyed, overall, 67 per cent of respondents said they are comfortable using biometrics today. Many are very familiar with biometric technology from their presence on smartphones.

Those surveyed indicated that they were getting more comfortable with the tech, and actually, 87 per cent said they saw themselves being comfortable using biometrics in the near future.

The millennial approach

The millennials in the study showed a higher willingness to use biometrics – with 75 per cent indicating their comfort with the tech, compared to 58 per cent of people over the age of 55 for example.

That desire to use biometrics comes not only from the benefits they provide, but from the hassle that passwords present. Less than half of millennials said they used complex passwords. And 41 per cent said that they often use repeat passwords too. Older generations were far more likely to follow strong password practices. Millennials are far keener to rely on tech solutions to authentication, like multi-factor authentication, password managers and of course, biometrics.

Security over convenience

We know here at BioStore that the real benefit of biometric tech, the like we provide in our solutions, is the extreme security they provide to organisations and their users. However, it often feels like the best understood benefit of biometrics is the speed and convenience – and that’s what appeals to consumers.

IBM’s survey challenges that school of thought. The respondents in the survey ranked security as their number one priority, particularly when it came to financial related apps. That’s good news, we need consumers to understand the threats and dangers present in today’s digital world and therefore value security. That’s why we believe in biometrics so much here at BioStore. They deliver that high-level of security without compromising their ease-of-use. Find out more on the BioStore website.

SecurityIntelligence: IBM Study: Consumers Weigh in on Biometrics, Authentication and the Future of Identity

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