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Men More Likely to Use Weakest Password

December 20, 2017

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News flash! News flash! Men are a bit silly sometimes. Okay maybe not the hardest hitting of breaking news, but a new survey has shown that men are almost three times as likely to use ‘password’ as their password than women. Come on lads.


Password survey

The survey asked 600 people about their password use and preferences. To be exact, men were 2.8 times more likely to use the pathetically weak codeword of ‘password’. That’s a lot of blokes letting down their gender there, but the overall picture was not brilliant either. Nearly a quarter of all respondents use the same password for every site they visit.

If you are one of the ones who fall into both categories, and use ‘password’ as your password on every site – I would struggle to feel too sorry for you after a breach, that’s just bad practice. The Internet has been around long enough, the warnings have been sufficient to stop such behaviour. Clearly the message is not getting through to everyone however.

Most common passwords

An analysis of stolen credentials recently discovered that across the board – the same weak passwords are still being used commonly. Here are the top 5 offenders and how many people were using them in a database of 1.4 billion passwords:

1. 123456 – 9.2 million accounts

2. 123456789 – 3.1 million accounts

3. qwerty – 1.6 million accounts

4. password – 1.3 million accounts

5. 111111 – 1.2 million accounts

I can sympathise with people – the pure number of passwords we need in this day and age is too much – I can understand why it leads to insecure behaviours. Juggling so many unique passwords is incredibly difficult – but that’s why we need other methods of authentication to become more prevalent. Multi-Factor Authentication needs to save us from ourselves.

BioStore Multi-Factor Authentication

Here at BioStore we are proponents of the use of Multi-Factor Authentication. That way, one weak password isn’t the last defence. We offer organisations the chance to use biometrics or PINs alongside passwords for such authentication as computer log-in, cashless payments or even just access control to a workplace. Find out more here about BioStore’s approach to Multi-Factor Authentication.

CNET: Men use ‘password’ as their password far more than women

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