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How Management Information System Integration Makes the Difference

September 11, 2018

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Management Information System integration ensures the solutions we provide are used to their full potential. For organisations, Management Information Systems can give them a holistic view of their operation, allowing them to properly track data and easily analyse it. They can be vital tools for an organisation’s efficiency and that’s why we make sure our solutions work in tandem with them and not in isolation.

How Proper Management Information System Integration Makes the Difference

Using what you’ve got with management information system integration

Management Information System integration ensures that not only do organisations use the data already at their fingertips for the solutions they implement, but that those solutions also supply the Management Information System with more data. Say an organisation has a database on all its employees – that database could be used to create the identity management system BioStore offers using biometrics, cards or PINs.

That ID management could then be integrated into printing. Printing jobs are verified by a scan, and therefore tracked and monitored. That info is recorded and fed back into the original Management Information System database and from there, organisations could analyse their printing activities and make business decisions based off that data.

That’s when management information system work best, when they give a full picture of an organisation that helps it make better decisions. That’s why we ensure all the applications we provide take advantage of our identity management solutions. You can gain attendance data, catering data, and much more with integration of our products. Not only do you get solutions that make day to day life easier and simpler in the office for employees with BioStore applications, but you garner data that helps you make even better and more informed decisions when Management Information System integration is possible.

Also – the connected approach helps you keep all apps and solutions up to data at once. Say something as basic as someone’s name needs to be updated after a change. You change it in the overall Management Information System, and the change is disseminated to all the solutions connected to it – rather than having to tackle each individually.

Management information system integration in schools

Management Information System integration is just as powerful a tactic in schools as it is in business organisations. If you feed in student and staff data into the applications you provide, you can cut down on admin and ensure accurate and up-to-date info of a constantly changing student body.

For example, a Management Information System database in a school for students would contain information such as allergies. Feeding that kind of information automatically into our catering solutions would obviously be a valuable addition that saves administrative time and ensures pupil safety.

As schools get bigger and cope with larger numbers, the value of Management Information Systems can’t be underestimated. They are a vital tool that help them effectively manage their student population, so naturally, the more applications that can integrate the better.

Here at BioStore, we make sure Management Information System integration is possible with all our solutions because we understand the value it brings to businesses and schools alike.

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