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Making Office Meals Worthwhile

February 5, 2019

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Employers should look at office meals as an opportunity. They shouldn’t be seen as down time when employees are away from their desk being unproductive. Instead, they should be viewed as integral to productivity, happiness and the health of workers.

Making Office Meals Worthwhile

How Healthy are office meals?

Office meals are a chance for employees to get healthy nutritious food. They get the energy to power through their work in the latter part of the day. And the break away from their work and desk gives their minds a chance to rest. Not to mention, it’s a great chance to build office camaraderie. But that opportunity is somewhat undermined if the food on offer is actually harmful to employees’ diets.

Research by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published recently shows that in the United States at least, that’s exactly the case. The study found that food served in office cafeterias is rarely any better than fast food. That somewhat undermines what office meals should be about.

The other issue the CDC found was around free food. Pizza in particular is consumed by many offices. There is a culture of feeding people crowd-pleasing, cheap and unhealthy food at office functions. And when the food is free, people are far more likely to make unhealthy dietary choices.

Ensuring healthy options therefore needs to be the first step in making office food worthwhile.

Encouraging office meals

Healthy options and good quality food are important to making office meals an attractive proposition to more employees. Just as important is making the experience of using office catering convenient and quick. A lot of people don’t get an office lunch, instead opting for a packed lunch, because they don’t feel they have time. They end up eating at their desk and not giving themselves a proper break.

Offices need catering that doesn’t have long lines every day. Employees want to spend their lunch eating and socialising, not queueing up. Here at BioStore, we help offices implement cashless catering solutions in the office canteen to make sure that’s not the case. Employees simply scan a fingerprint or smartcard, or perhaps enter a password or PIN to pay for their office food. There’s no cash to hand over or wait for credit cards to connect.

It could be the same authentication that employees use to access and get around the office. When offices do that, they create extremely unified and easy-to-use working space.

If you get office catering right, make food healthy and easy to access, you create a food culture that works in favour of the business and employees. Lunch should drive productivity, not be seen as something that gets in the way of it.

New Food Economy: Office food is no healthier than Wendy’s, CDC report shows

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