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How to Make Visitor Sign In Easy and Secure

March 7, 2019

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Visitor sign-in needs to work for both your guests and the employees in your place of work. That means implementing a solution that balances the need for strong security but is convenient for all parties as well.

Making Visitor sign-in simple for visitors

Visitor sign-in from BioStore lets your guest quickly and securely temporarily integrate themselves into your overall identity management solution that your employees use.

When guests arrive, they can use a self-sign-in kiosk to quickly enter their details and print a visitor’s badge. They only need to have a short confirmation and sign-in with reception to get up and running. With much of the admin out of the way quickly, staff don’t waste time sorting visitors out and they can get set-up fast.

Visitors can then be equipped with a temporary smart card that has appropriate permission loaded on to the card. The smartcard could grant them access to certain areas and parts of the office. It could grant some printing privileges. Or perhaps of most use to visitors, it could allow them to use the offices cashless catering solution. Funds can be easily uploaded on to the temporary account for the visitor to use, and then when they sign-out at the end of the day, the leftover funds are reimbursed into their account.

Ensuring secure visitor sign-in for your office

Visitor sign-in done in this way is super simple and fast for the visitor themselves. Crucially, the system is built off the Identity Management solution your office would already be using. It doesn’t disrupt it in anyway, making your regular employees’ day no harder or inconvenient. Security is ensured, because the permissions on the visitor’s card are limited and most importantly, under your control. They can be changed and tweaked at any time.

All the activity on the temporary card can be tracked as well, so the whereabouts of visitors can be monitored. That’s good for staff security, but also very helpful in an emergency situation. The list of people and activity on site is automatically up to date.

Visitor sign in with BioStore is convenient, it saves staff time, it cuts cost and it doesn’t compromise the security of your office. Find out more.

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