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Secure Fingerprint Access Control for Staff Lockers

September 12, 2019

Staff lockers are a useful addition many businesses appreciate, but they can be a bit of a nightmare to manage. How do you assign permanent and temporary access to staff? How do you control access reliably and safely? Modern technology makes the implementation and maintenance of staff lockers...

Locking systems that hide the lock
Growth of Electronic Locking Systems Continues

July 11, 2019

Electronic locking systems are becoming more and more prevalent around the UK and the world. Whether they are lockers for delivery pick-ups, for local produce, prescription pick-ups, or lockers inside organisations, the increased security and convenience they bring are making them a popular c...

3 Ways to Improve Workplace Wellness
3 Ways to Improve Workplace Wellness

June 4, 2019

Workplace wellness is becoming a differentiating factor for organisations. It can make you stand out against the competition when it comes to hiring the best talent. If you take it into account, you can attract strong candidates. Consider the following 3 workplace wellne...

Why Upgrade to an Electronic Locker System?
Why Upgrade to an Electronic Locker System?

May 23, 2019

An electronic locker system is the way to provide secure and convenient locker access to your employees. Lockers are easier to access, and offer greater security than key locking when it comes to protecting val...

Time to Ditch Keys in Locker Security
Time to Ditch Keys in Locker Security

April 16, 2019

Locker security is in need of updating. Too often, lockers are successfully targeted in places of work, gyms and more. It’s time to move on from lock and key solutions to more sophisticated and secure methods of securing lockers, that actually bring a host of other b...

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