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Keep the Healthy Office Going This February

February 13, 2018

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Many of us start the new year off right. Our efforts to get back in shape, improve our diet, and look after ourselves double in January. When February comes around, it’s easy to let things slide, especially in the workplace. Here are the most important things to remember this February, to maintain that healthy office lifestyle.


Get away from your desk

For those working in the office, at their desk most of the day, the number one thing to remember, is get away from that desk as often as you can. I know, that report is due, and deadlines are piling up, but within reason, every chance to get away from your desk, you should take. The sedentary lifestyle can be a big cause of health concerns. One recent study found that sitting at your desk for long periods of the day can contribute to higher risk of heart disease, diabetes and stroke. You need to get your body moving, give your eyes a rest and stretch those legs and back.

Nutrition needed

Lots of us find this the hardest – avoiding those unhealthy snacks and munching away at your office desk. It’s better to eat three proper meals a day, rather than un-regulated snacking on office sweets. Hand in hand with the first point, if you can use lunch to get away from your desk, that’s even better.

Here at BioStore, our Cashless Catering for organisations aims to create attractive catering solutions that employees will want to use. With a cashless system, catering is fast and simple. The last thing you want is to waste half your lunch break in a queue waiting for payment cards to connect or the right change to be given. With BioStore, a quick scan of a fingerprint or smartcard is all that is needed.

Choose water

Lots of us need a coffee or tea to get us going in the morning and that’s fine, but be weary, and don’t overdo it. These caffeine-filled drinks can lead to dehydration. It can be quite boring, but water is what your body really needs. The benefits of of drinking the right amount of water throughout the day can’t be overstated. For your skin, your kidneys, your muscles and much more, water helps regulate and keep your body healthy.

Don’t let this cold February be the start of a slide back into old habits at the office. Get away from your desk, keep eating right, and choose water over that second cup of coffee.

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