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Why Install a Biometric Security System?

May 30, 2019

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A biometric security system can make your office operations and processes convenient and secure. When you let employees access the building, rooms and other work applications using nothing but their fingerprint, their working day is much easier.

Why Install a Biometric Security System

Fingerprint biometrics leading the way

A biometric security system makes sense in a world that is slowly but surely adopting biometric solutions in a variety of settings. A new report, by Grand View Research, highlighted the growth of fingerprint-based solutions. It predicted the global market for fingerprints had an 18.4 per cent CAGR (compound annual growth rate), reaching $12.6 billion by 2025.

The adoption of fingerprints in mobiles and in payments has propelled the technology forward. And it is starting to be adopted by governments and organisations in software solutions around the world too.

Wherever they are implemented, fingerprints are simple to use. There is nothing complicated to remember. There is nothing to forget at home or in the car. All people need is themselves, and they have an incredibly convenient way to authenticate who they are.

Power of a biometric security system

The convenience of a fingerprint biometric system is what makes it an attractive option to employees in a workplace. For both employees and the organisations as a whole, it is the incredible level of security such solutions provide that is of major value.

You can be sure that only approved individuals can gain access to your office’s premises. Use the same authentication for log-in to your network, and you bring the same security to the digital applications.

A password can always be phished, socially engineered or stolen – likewise with a smart card. You largely remove those threats when you opt for a biometric security system.

The implementation of a biometric security system takes the security and convenience of your workplace up a notch. Find out more here.

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