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Increase Visitor Security with Electronic Sign-in

June 27, 2019

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Visitor electronic sign-in solutions for visitors can help businesses ensure the safety, security and wellbeing of their premises. An effective visitor management system can be used to control visitors to your premises and help protect staff from potential harm. It helps keep disruption to a minimum, reducing visitor waiting time.

Electronic Sign-In for Visitors that Maintains Access Control

Visitor electronic sign-in

The BioStore system is built to accommodate visitors with a complete streamlined electronic sing-in process. They can complete a self-sign-in process at a touchscreen kiosk upon arrival. Visitors are then granted access to your premises once they verify their identity at reception. At this time, visitors are given a temporary smartcard to use throughout the day.

Visitors are completely integrated into an organisation’s system, with access rights around the office completely under the organisation’s control. This ensures security, as you can monitor and control exactly where visitors are at all times, safeguarding certain areas of your premises. The BioStore system provides both real-time and historical visitor reporting ensuring businesses meet compliance requirements. All whilst ensuring the safety and security of your visitors, employees and premises.

Smooth integration

The BioStore Identity and Access Management system allows employees to use the same authentication method to access more than just the building. Employees can use the same authentication to print and copy, pay for lunch and drinks at the office canteen, login to their computer and more. You can allow visitors to access all these services too with the electronic sign-in system.

There temporary smartcard will control where they can go and grant them access to all an offices services that you choose, just like regular employees.

Credit can be put on visitors’ accounts by the business or by the visitor themselves at self-service kiosks. This allows them to pay for printing or catering using their temporary authentication. Any unused credit is refunded to them when they sign out at the end of the day.

Learn more about our visitor management system here.

BioStore Identity Management

BioStore Visitor Management

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