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How to Improve Workplace Health and Wellbeing

May 21, 2019

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Workplace health and wellbeing is becoming a greater priority throughout organisations in the UK as they adapt to the changing working landscape. How can organisations go about improving wellbeing and is it worth it?

How to Improve Workplace Health and Wellbeing

Why improve wellbeing?

Some 45 per cent of organisations reported that they had workplace health and wellbeing strategies in place. This comes from a report by REBA in 2018. Additionally, many of those who did not, were planning to introduce such strategies. Why the increase?

Thankfully, organisations across the UK are starting to recognise the difference good wellbeing strategies can make. Happier workers make for more productive ones. If you get health and wellbeing right, you improve employee engagement and productivity and you also make yourself a more attractive proposition to future hires.

In our White Paper on the millennial workforce, we explored how flexible working delivered by identity management solutions can help to attract and keep top talent.

Solutions to improve workplace health and wellbeing

There a couple of simple things organisations can keep in mind to improve workplace health and wellbeing. It can be as simple as ensuring air quality is high, or that lots of natural light gets into the office.

BioStore’s Identity Management solutions can help organisations create a workplace that is stress-free. Our solutions create a unified and streamlined experience for your employees. Access to the office itself would be granted via a fingerprint or smartcard scan. This automatically and reliably records attendance at the same time. The same authentication method can be used for computer log-in, authenticating printing jobs, paying for lunch, drinks or snacks at the canteen, or accessing gym lockers.

If you have an office canteen that is attractive to staff, you can help wellbeing in several ways. You can get employees to eat regular healthy meals. This provides them with the opportunity to socialise with their colleagues, and gives them the mental break they need to sustain high levels of work.

If your workplace is lucky enough to have gym facilities, you can make staying healthy and fitter for your employees easier. Even just lockers and showers that encourage people to bike or run to work can make a difference.

BioStore Identity Management ensures that using all applications in an office is as easy as scanning a smartcard or fingerprint. When you let everything around the office use the same authentication, it is so incredibly easy for staff.

BioStore Identity Management

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