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How to get the Most out of Lockers

June 2, 2016

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Any system that involves access control, ultimately aims to deliver that access as simple and conveniently as possible. Lockers are no different and there are a number of ways in which organisations are seeking to improve their convenience. Not only are companies looking to get more out of their lockers, they are also looking to improve the ways in which users interact with them.


Package lockers for convenient collection

One of the fastest growing uses of locker solutions is in package delivery. We’ve taken a look before at the growth of services such as Amazon Lockers, but other delivery companies are now offering similar services as well. Delivery lockers allow customers to have their package delivered to lockers at a convenient location where they know they will be able to pick it up.

Home delivery can be a problem for many customers who are out at work during day delivery times. Using a delivery locker, helps ensure they get their item at a convenient time and location for them. In the Amazon system, they simply receive a one-time code or scan a bar code to access the locker and collect their package. If it is not claimed within 3 days, the package is simply picked up again by Amazon and the customer refunded.

Takeaway in a box

There are some companies looking to take that locker delivery service and push it one step further. An American company is exploring the idea of lockers for take-away and food orders, perhaps inside an event. Imagine ordering a meal from your seat at a sports event, and then during one of the breaks, heading to a locker to collect your food rather than waiting in line.

We don’t provide lockers in commercial settings like the examples above, but we do work with a lot of organisations such as schools and businesses. There is nothing stopping our lockers being used in a similar way however. Employees could perhaps have their packages sent to a work locker for example, to ensure they get their delivery.

Using lockers with biometrics

The way we approach improving the convenience and security of lockers here at BioStore, is to change the way users interact with them by using biometrics. For schools, businesses and even leisure centres, it is the low cost and convenient way to assign and re-assign lockers to users.

Identity Management and Access Control systems that can be accessed by biometrics, or other identification methods such as smartcards if an organisation should choose, provide the highest level of convenience and security.

Biometrics for lockers means no more keys or padlocks. It means users only ever require their fingerprint to gain access. Plus, re-assigning biometric lockers to different users on a daily basis is simple and requires no cumbersome exchange of keys or codes.

More importantly, biometric lockers mean safety. Nobody’s biometric can get lost, stolen or, like a key, be used by someone else – ensuring users of the locker are exactly who they are meant to be. Personal lockers are taking on a new lease of life, and at BioStore, we believe how they are used is just as interesting as what they are used for – don’t hesitate to find out more about our Biometric Locker solutions.

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