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How to Ensure your Office Security

August 8, 2019

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Constantly maintaining and improving office security is a priority for all businesses. So how can organisations best deliver an easy to use but high-security office entry system to ensure only their approved employees access their premises?

How to Ensure your Office Security

Best form of office security

At BioStore, we believe the best way to deliver office security is through a comprehensive but simple identity management system. Office access is gained simply by people being able to prove or demonstrate their identity. The system matches identity to access rights, so anyone with the rights to access a building – or areas within a building – gets to open and go through the door.

The way we think that is best done is by using fingerprint technology, but BioStore also offers the use of smartcards and PINs and passwords for those who prefer them. In fact, we even allow smartcards and PINs to be used in conjunction with biometrics to deliver multi-factor security. In our view, there is no doubt that including a biometric exponentially improves organisational security.

Employing a fingerprint biometric approach, ensures the very highest level of security coupled with absolute simplicity. Fingerprints as recorded by BioStore are unique and can only be used by their owners and nobody else. BioStore’s approach delivers fingerprint security by using only limited amounts of fingerprint data in an algorithmic encrypted form. This ensures the biometric system does not pose a privacy risk for your employees – the data we store is only relevant to our own systems. From the data we hold, it is not possible recreate anybody’s full actual fingerprint. Find out more about the system here.

Delivering security with convenience

A fingerprint solution for office security is the best way to ensure the safety of your office and its employees. But on a day to day basis, it’s the convenience that your employees will notice and appreciate.

When a fingerprint is all that is needed to get into the office, there is nothing to lose or forget on the way to work. Employees just need to be themselves to gain access. And even better, BioStore lets organisations extend the identity management solution to other aspects of office life. Computer log-on, lockers and printing can all be accessed using the same one fingerprint solution. Even office catering can make use of the fingerprint solution, letting employees pay for meals quickly via fingerprint in order to reduce queues at the tills.

Biometric-based systems deliver increased security and flexibility, as well as greater convenience and efficiency. Find out more here.

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