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How to do Locker Management Right

June 21, 2018

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Locker management systems need to be secure and they need to be convenient in this day and age. Combination number locks, or the lock and key approach aren’t really good enough anymore. Here at BioStore, we think the answer to locker management is in identity management.

How to do Locker Management Right

Locker management based in identity

Locker management solutions that put identity at the centre are an innovative, forward thinking and smart choice. Someone else can learn the combination of numbers to unlock your standard number lock. Someone else can steal your key and use it. Someone can brute force break an exposed padlock.

Take, BioStore’s biometric lockers however, and there is no number to share, no key to be stolen and no exposed locking mechanism. Instead, we let lockers use fingerprint scans. That way, all you need to get into your locker is, well, nothing. But no one else can get in.

Fingerprint biometrics create a far more secure approach to locker management. But it also doesn’t have to come at the cost of convenience. No, they remove hassle for the user, being so simple to use. And additionally, for organisations too, they create a flexible system. Users might have a specific locker that can be reassigned in the future, or a more flexible ad hoc system can be implemented. For free lockers, the first scan of the fingerprint would lock the locker, and then the second scan would unlock. Straight after the locker is ready to be activated by someone else.

Locker management for any kind of organisation

This flexible, secure and convenient way of doing locker management works in so many different scenarios. It could work in offices for businesses and their employees. It could be a powerful solution in schools for students, especially a flexible system that provided lockers as needed. It can take up a lot of space if you decide to offer everyone a locker. But a flexible locker system can serve students as and when they are needed. Or it could be used in a similar way by leisure centres. Flexible lockers that are secure are perfect for customers.

With BioStore’s approach, making lockers part of identity management, you also create an extremely unified solution for organisations. The fingerprint used for lockers is also what employees would use to gain access to the office, it’s what students would use to register attendance and receive school meals, and its what gym goers would use to gain access to the gym. BioStore also support the use of smartcards and passwords or PINs for identity management.

Find out more about how you can take your locker management to the next level with BioStore’s identity management based solution.

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