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How to Best Implement Access Management Solutions

December 6, 2018

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Here at BioStore, we help organisations install access management solutions that take advantage of an overall identity management platform. Organisations’ staff use the same one authentication to allow them access to the workplace and more, like computer log-in, catering and printers. But what’s the best kind of authentication to use?

How to Best Implement Access Management Solutions

Password access management solutions

The traditional approach to access management solutions is passwords and PINs. They are simple to understand and something we are all familiar with. Many organisations go down this route still as it best fits their needs and what they are comfortable with. Security can be enhanced by frequently switching up the password or PIN to keep the office and employees secure. With a unique PIN or password for every person, workflow and movement around the office can be audited.

Smartcard access management solutions

What’s more prevalent these days for access management solutions is perhaps smartcards however. Smartcards mean instead of having to remember a code or password in your head, you just have to remember the card itself. This can be a simple approach that employees are happy to use. With the same smartcard they could access a range of application around the office throughout their working day.

Biometric access management solutions

Access management solutions using biometrics however are the most forward thinking. If you give employees nothing to remember to bring with them, convenience is even higher than a smartcard. An employee can never forget to bring their fingerprint with them like they might a smartcard.

One of the potential weaknesses of smartcards and passwords is that someone else could get hold of yours and use it, impersonating you. That simply can’t happen with a biometric approach. When someone authenticates themselves on your system, you have no doubt they are exactly who they say they are.

So, what’s the best approach? There’s no real right answer. Here at BioStore we offer identity management that can make use of any of the three options or even a combination to make strong multi-factor solutions. It’s all about what fits your organisations needs and desires. Regardless of which approach to access management solution you take, BioStore helps you to integrate it in a way that makes the office a unified and simple experience.

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