How to Battle the Unhealthy Meal Deal Culture

November 8, 2017

We all know that a good, healthy and hot lunch is what’s best for us – but when it comes to work, it can be hard to find the time. That’s why so many of us bring in a packed lunch or go for the popular meal deal options from shops like Marks & Spencer and WHSmith. But one new study has revealed just how unhealthy those meals can be.


Full of sugar

As part of Sugar Awareness Week, the organisation, Action on Sugar, published its findings on the meal deal phenomenon. Certain combinations of meal deals sold by supermarkets and retailers can contain up to four times the recommended daily sugar intake.

That’s from the worst offending meal, but the average meal deal is still not great. The study found that 72 per cent of the combinations of meal deals analysed contained high levels of sugar.

It’s usually the sugary drinks offered in such meals that cause the biggest problem. Action on Sugar’s study said that it is possible to create a healthy meal from such deals, with less than one teaspoon of sugar, but they are under promoted and some deals fail to even offer a healthy fruit or veg side snack option at all.

Taking action

Action for Sugar is calling for the Government to reverse the problem, but organisations should look at the problem themselves. Healthy well-fed workers are better for everyone: the individuals and the business. Employees are more productive when they’re healthy and full of energy to get them through the day.

We all like a meal deal every once in a while, but it would be better if workplaces offered their employees a better and healthier on-site alterative. Many already do, but they are just under used. When you have office catering, what you need is for it to be more convenient, more attractive and better than the unhealthy meal deal alternative.

Here at BioStore, we help organisations create solutions that employees actually want to use. A cashless catering system is the key. It makes catering at an organisation incredibly simple to use and most importantly, fast. Even if individuals are short on time, they know the queues won’t be long when a cashless system is in place – they can even pre-order a grab-bag to go.

Find out more about BioStore’s cashless catering solution here, and how you can get more people eating healthy meals at the office, rather than sugar filled meal deals at their desk.

Action on Sugar study

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