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How Office Cashless Systems Improve the Working Day

February 14, 2019

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Office cashless systems can help offices keep their working environment up to date with the outside world. The use of cash is becoming less and less common around the world, and particularly here in the UK. Cashless systems in the office let employees pay for office catering without the need to bring cash to work or whip out payment cards.

How Office Cashless Systems Improve the Working Day

Giving convenience with office cashless systems

Office cashless systems could use the same authentication that employees use for the rest of the working day. It could be the same password, PIN, smartcard or even biometric fingerprint that they use to gain access to the office. Or the same authentication they use to log-onto computers or activate printing jobs.

They have an online account that can easily be topped-up linked to this authentication method. When employees buy something from a vending machine or the cafeteria, the payment is automatically withdrawn from that online account. During the working day, employees have a unified and simple office. They can access everything they need with just the touch of a finger or scan of a card.

Fueling work with office cashless systems

What’s great about the convenience of office cashless systems is that it reduces the time it takes to get an office lunch. Queues are far shorter and reduced when payment for meals has essentially been handled beforehand. A quick fingerprint or smartcard scan is generally all that’s required to get your meal. Service staff don’t have to worry about handling change or waiting for payment cards to connect, instead they focus on serving food and nothing else.

For workers who are short on time, this guaranteed quick lunch service can encourage them to get a decent nutritious meal. Otherwise employees might stay at their desk through lunch, snacking throughout the day, eating cold packed lunches, or spending money on meal deals every day, which can really start to add up in costs.

Office cashless systems help get more employees eating decent food. This gives them the energy to do their work. They might not be at their desk as long, but their productivity when there is much improved. Find out more how BioStore creates a cashless environment for the workplace.

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