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How Biometrics Enhance Fitness Clubs

August 29, 2019

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Going to the gym at times can be hard enough. We all know it’s good for us, but we are not always in the mood. The last thing you need is the hassle to access what you need when you go to the gym. An Identity Management system with biometric authentication make peoples’ visit to their private or office gym incredibly easy and convenient – they only have to lift a finger to access everything they need – so they can get down to the real heavy lifting.

How Biometrics Enhance Fitness Clubs

Biometrics improve efficiency and cut costs

Biometrics can reliably control access to all gym facilities, accessing the building, rooms, lockers, catering and more. No more cards, keys, password or PINs to remember. We often hear about gym thieves attempting to steal people’s valuables. Biometrics helps secure your premises. With a biometric enabled locker, there are no keys which thieves can exploit.

With BioStore’s Identity Management system, users’ identity and access rights to the gym can be controlled using a simple biometric fingerprint scan. Gym-goers simply scan their fingerprint and are granted access to the premises. It ensures the safety of the customers, staff and facilities.

The convenience of the office gym

The same identity management system using biometrics can do so much more in a gym scenario than just control access. For office gyms, the benefits of using biometric technology can be even greater. Staff can use the same authentication method to identify themselves on multiple applications around a health or fitness club. Not only does one fingerprint scan gain users’ access to everything they need in the gym, but everything they need throughout the working day.

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