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Healthy Workplace Efforts Worth it?

October 23, 2018

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When organisations put the effort in to create a healthy workplace – is it actually worth it? Here at BioStore, we believe 100 per cent it is. It’s not just about making everyone’s working life a nicer experience, but about giving employees the platform to do their best work for your organisation.

Healthy Workplace Efforts Worth it?

Why go for a healthy workplace?

A healthy workplace is a productive one. If you can encourage employees to look after themselves, mentally and physically, you have a workforce that can better cope with the demands of the job. They have the energy to focus throughout the day and they have the desire to work hard for an organisation that has taken an interest in their well-being. Additionally, a healthy workplace can be a way of keeping your best talent around, and a way of attracting some of the best.

So how can offices go about creating a healthy workplace? It can be little things, like encouraging walking to meetings or installing standing desk. Anything that can get employees from remaining sedentary at their desk the entire day is a good start. They can promote healthier office snacks and be flexible in working hours to help relieve stress and allow better work/life management for employees.

Then of course there are the bigger things a healthy workplace can do, like install gym facilities and encourage participation, or invest in catering solutions that can provide employees with daily nutritionally valuable meals.

BioStore’s solutions for a healthy workplace

Here at BioStore, we can help offices create these healthy workplace solutions that work in a simple and secure way with the rest of the office. Cashless catering for example from BioStore can make using the office canteen more attractive and simpler than ever.

The same identity management that an office would use to register attendance at work and more is what employees would use to purchase their meals at work, allowing them to forgo bringing cash to work or waiting in long queues while card machines connect. Meals are simply paid for from an online account that is easily auto-topped up, authenticated either by a biometric or smartcard scan, or a PIN or password. Organizations could implement through BioStore’s cashless catering a loyalty and reward system for continued use and healthy decisions.

Likewise, BioStore’s identity management could be used in an office gym, either to control access or distribute lockers on a rolling basis.

BioStore’s identity management can be part of a healthy workplace by helping to keep solutions around the office simple, unified and easy to use, removing any logistical headaches. Creating a healthy workplace truly is worthwhile. I know I do my best work when I’m feeling my best. Don’t we all?

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