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Growth of Electronic Locking Systems Continues

July 11, 2019

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Electronic locking systems are becoming more and more prevalent around the UK and the world. Whether they are lockers for delivery pick-ups, for local produce, prescription pick-ups, or lockers inside organisations, the increased security and convenience they bring are making them a popular choice.

Locking systems that hide the lock

Locking systems that hide the lock

The benefit of electronic locking systems for lockers is first and foremost security. Whatever the scenario, if you take away the exposed lock and the need for a key, you greatly increase security. There is no exposed locking mechanism to pick or break easily. And there is no key to be lost or stolen.

We’ve all seen how Amazon lockers in particularly have popped up here, there and everywhere in the last couple of years. Amazon let people pick-up their deliveries at a time convenient for them from a safe location, with nothing but a scan of a barcode or an entry code.

Here in the UK, Boots are the latest to adopt a similar solution. In late June it launched its locker service for prescriptions. That long wait at the pharmacy could be coming to an end, with prescriptions loaded into lockers, and collected with a simple entry of a code sent via text.

Electronic lockers for organisations

Here at BioStore, organisations have adopted electronic lockers that remove the need for exposed locks and the need for keys. We integrate lockers into our identity management solution that we provide for organisations. One method of authentication can be used to enter the building, pay for meals and drinks, log onto computers and more. All the user needs to identify themselves is a scan of a fingerprint, a smartcard or a PIN.

Learn more about our locker management system here.

Pharmaceutical Journal: Internet pharmacy Boots prescription pick-up lockers launch in three UK stores

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